The strategy multiplayer game by Century Game – Guns of Glory: Build an Epic Army for the Kingdom with thrilling MMO war RTS gameplay is getting quite popular with new features. Read our Guide on Guns of Glory Hack which reward its players for performing various tasks, including for playing daily. As you access the game on consecutive days, you will be able to claim several guns of glory gift codes from following tips to use guns of glory cheats, which could be very useful, especially at the beginning

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Welcome to Guns of Glory Cheats. It explained how to manage your troops, how to get infinite money, how to get free gold, and many other things that will help you increase the power of your kingdom.

Guns of Glory Cheats – Money, buildings, troops, airship

Troops, buildings, money, alliance. Here are answers to any questions you can have and some guns of glory tips that will assist you with the FunPlus MMO:

Epic Army – Infinite Money

Some prefer removing the ads, but they use to be a wicked coin source. Every time you observe an advertisement, you will get cash, even though you are having a boundary per day. But you will be able to influence the game time for seeing all the ads and earn as much money as you want

One more way, where you Close the app entirely or shut the application, then change the time of your mobile or device by advancing or delaying a full day. And finally re-open the guns of glory cheats game, you should have the ads reloaded. Thus, you can repeat it as many times as you want, and it works.

Guns of Glory Gift codes 2020 – Missions

They are raised in an order that will help you to have the optimized base,  As a tutorial, which will help you lay a good foundation for your kingdom as you level up and grow without realizing it.

Epic missions have much better guns of glory gift codes 2020 with rewards, so as soon as you see them make sure you don’t miss them

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Guns of Glory Hack – Alliance

A kind of game in which there is a need for alliances, you have to join one sooner. With alliance you progress much faster and be able to obtain many more resources at the same time with protection. Our site can help you with resources through Guns of Glory Hack

You get along with the alliance and change as soon as you have a certain level. As the game moves on, if the alliance is not active, you will be at a disadvantage against active alliance members. In the same way, we warn you that if you want to be in an active alliance, you must be proactive; otherwise, it is normal that they end up throwing you out.

Tips to Guide on Talent Points

Talent points are to improve skills, though you will earn only a limited amount, and when you level up according to guide. With each additional level you want to raise, it will cost you more. You won’t be able to improve everything with the help of talent points but with the knowledge on how to spend them. 

Talent categories are between economy, war, and balance. In the beginning, you empower in the balance as a minimum of six talent points. From there, this will be based on your approach of play, which kind of talents to select. 

The most significant thing is that you will be able to save yourself an asset in finances. Almost the whole thing you will be able to get with the economic aptitudes, you can expend attacks, raising your odious capacity. And with high military potential, you will also be prepared for battles.

Guns of Glory Gift Codes – Hunting for resources

Your base can help you with adequate resources, looting, or raids is what makes the difference. The important thing is your offensive capacity and being part of an alliance. Since the higher the offensive position, the better your looting may be, and if you are in a better alliance, you will be shielded from counterattacks.

You can also go to neutral areas, or managed by the Artificial Intelligence. And, although the boots are smaller, they give fewer problems. Alternatively, generate gold through guns of glory gift codes

In any case, survey the area around you, both to counter your rivals and to control the resources. After a while, you will discover unmoving players who run off their basis producing assets so that you will be able to talk to them whenever you want.

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Guns of Glory Cheats – Free Rewards

There are numerous ways of getting free rewards, thus take advantage of all:

Connect regularly: It’s that simple

Missions: It is previously declared your importance

Mail: Ensure checking it out, developers haphazardly surprise with gog gift

Castillo: The building further on also gog codes free recompenses from one time to another time

Guns of Glory tips – Troops

Initially, don’t get obsessed with having crowds too fast. At the time of the primary levels they happen to be fairly bad, so at the starting concentrate on elevating the level of your buildings

Secondly, we know the strong points and flaws of each one. There happen not to be a better or worse type of troop, but there happen to be troops, work superior against others. So try having everything, and at the time you decide to assail, read your rivals to know what to attack or what options you have.

When you have a certain level, train all the troops you can. If you can’t feed them, you can always fire

And in conclusion, at the time it comes to enhancing a troop building, you must know that the troop tier does not continuously improve. You will get better only the troop at the time your troop buildings there at levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 26, and 30. So you don’t spend resources if you’re not going to get any benefit.


Posts to invest in a consumable are much more essential to improve the troops.

Remember to take your Free Items

Also, remember to visit the tribute house often, since here you can find free objects periodically. In this case, they give free stuff every 2 to 5 minutes, and we are not sure if there is any limit to receiving these awards. Anyway, don’t forget to take your prizes.